Wednesday, August 6, 2008

QANTAS responds to typical LAX arrogance

SF might even be a more attractive portal to the West coast

QANTAS has warned Los Angeles International Airport it may start switching A380 flights to San Francisco if it is forced to park the giant planes at remote stands. The airline issued the warning after airport bosses said it will put A380 passengers on buses instead of connecting directly to terminal gates, reports The Australian. Qantas will begin flying its first A380 service between Melbourne and Los Angeles from late October.

While Los Angeles is a popular tourism destination, its airport is less fondly regarded by travellers because of long queues, often unfriendly staff and poor facilities.

Qantas senior executive vice-president for the Americas and Pacific Wally Mariani told Jane's UK that remote facilities would be acceptable to the airline only in cases of unexpected operational problems and not for regularly scheduled flights. "If in the future LAX is unable to keep up with the need for additional (very large aircraft) gates, we would be forced to relocate our A380 services to San Francisco."


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