Thursday, August 7, 2008

Japan even exports water!

What don't they export?

A JAPANESE company is looking into plans to export water to Australia in large ships for agriculture and industrial use, it was reported today.

Nomura Research Institute is exploring the idea and proposes delivering the water on ships that carry Australian coal to Japan's second-largest steelmaker, JFE Holdings, which has a mill in Kawasaki, near Tokyo.

US news agency Bloomberg reported that representatives from Nomura were to come Queensland next month to discuss the plan, as the state looked for ways to boost water supplies.

It said water shipped to Australia would be purified water recycled in Kawasaki after industrial use.

The report said bulk shipments could start in three to five years, and an announcement was expected on August 20.

But a spokesman for Queensland's Minister for Water Craig Wallace said there was no planned deal to import water from Japan.

Japan is the second most water-affluent country behind Canada in the developed world, and is in the process of expanding water exports to take advantage of the growing demand as a result of climate change.,23599,24141128-29277,00.html

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